• Introduction

    | Date:2013-08-01
    The Graduate School that was developed from graduate faculty set up in 1998 was established in 2002. It consists of five branches, administration office, admission office, training office, degree office and office of Part-time graduate program.
    Hebei University of Science and Technology started graduate program in 1985. It now has 17 disciplines and three professional master's degree categories (master of engineering, MBA and MFA), covering 93 subordinate disciplines, and 16 authorized fields of engineering master's degrees, among which 9 disciplines are provincial key disciplines, and 1 is provincial priority discipline. These disciplines involve engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law, medicine, education, art. They closely relate to traditional competitive industries and high-tech industries in Hebei province. It also admits part-time graduate applicants.
    In the third discipline evaluation initiated by Degree and Graduate Education Development Center of Ministry of Education, the four disciplines (Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering) are recognized widely.
    Hebei University of Science and Technology has a contingent of outstanding scholars, among whom 16 are doctoral supervisors, 491 are Master's Supervisors. In recent years, the university carries out the strategy of open education, and a group of technical experts from prestigious enterprises and institutions are recruited as off-campus mentors, who constantly improve the quality of talent training through innovating graduate education pattern and management mechanism, satisfying the demand of the economic and social development for high-level talents. By the end of March 2013, the number of full-time graduate students reaches 1299, and number of part-time graduate is 1306. There are nearly 3000 graduate students in the university.